This was my training in West Palm Beach, Florida for PMMP Group V with Lolita San Miguel. Mat and Reformer training. Great experience and grateful to had the opportunity to train with one of the best.

Lourdes Avitia CPI-CPT-CMS-CHT


Lourdes has an extensive fitness background.  She began studying Pilates over 15 years ago. She first enrolled in Comprehensive Full Studio certification in 2005 which is  a total of 480 hours training. Her passion for Pilates encouraged her to pursue more Pilates training and other certifications out of the state to understand how movement and exercise can benefit the body.  She is member of PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) since 2008.  In addition to having her full Studio certification which includes Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair. She has attended numerous Pilates conferences and training.

     * Pilates for MS™ (multiple sclerosis) and Neurological Conditions  was training where she has  knowledge about common symptoms of balance difficulties, ataxia, gait abnormalities, single side weakness, general weakness, spasticity, and bladder and bowel issues. This training was in Washington, DC.  She is  the only person in New Mexico with this certification. Her clients after few  months of work have seen  improvement in their balance and muscle  strength. 

     * PMA International Educational Conference in Denver and Phoenix. 

     * Pilates Rehab Summit in Tempe, AZ.

     * Physical Mind Institute in Colorado Springs, CO.

     * Balanced Body University Exo Chair Tour.

     * Pilates Arc on the Road.

     * Anatomy in Clay Learning System.

     * Balance Body University, Denver, CO.

            *Pilates for scoliosis, Pathokinesiology of the Hip/Knee Complex.

            *Strength, Ease and Balance in the upper body: Combining the Franklin                               Method and Pilates.

            *Pilates for Golf, Tennis and Rotational Sports.

            *Pilates for lower back pain: A Research-Based Approach.

     * Training in Mat and Reformer in West Palm Beach,Florida with Lolita San Miguel           Pilates Mentor Program (PMMP).


     * Certified in the Gyrotonic® Expansion System Method in Miami, Fl.

     * Certified in Gyrokinesis®  in Los Angeles, CA.

     * Specialized equipment: Jumping -Stretching Board and  the Gyrotoner® with                 Karen Mullen. 

     * Gyrotonic® Level 2:

        Gyrotonic® Level 2 Program 1 in Oakland, CA and Gyrotonic® Level 2 Program 2.


     * Personal Trainer through World Instructor Training Schools.  

     * Boot camp instructor through NESTA.

     * Yoga Intructor through YogaFit™  Levels I-II-III and Anatomy and Alignment.

     * TRX Suspension Training Instructor.  

     * BARRE instructor with BARRE FORTE.


She has a certification as Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist through Hypnotherapy Academy of America. This works in eliminating anxiety, stress cycles, fears and phobias, building self-esteem, pain control, preparation for childbirth, weight loss, migraines, sleep patterns and more. She's been offering hypnosis clinics for headaches and migraines at Sandia Neurology PC with Dr. Sally Harris.


She is a REIKI MASTER, a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

She has her licence as Cosmetologist and skin care consultant for the past 16 years.

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